Substance Abuse Prevention

Washington County Children, Youth, and Families leverages state and federal funding to support community programs, such as parenting education, student assistance and prevention coalitions. Staff also coordinate the Washington County Youth Substance Use Prevention Collaborative. For more information on community resources for parents and youth, visit the Parenting Together Washington County website. Click the link below to learn more:


Washington County CYF works with school districts to implement and expand PAX Good Behavior Game, an evidence-based, trauma-informed prevention program, in elementary school classrooms across Washington County. For more information on PAX Good Behavior Game click the link below:



Nurture Oregon

Washington County CYF staff are working to organize local and statewide efforts to advocate for social emotional learning in schools and early childhood settings. For more information, contact Genevieve Ellis at

Trauma-Informed Care

Washington County CYF is working to become more trauma-informed and apply this lens in all of our work. For more information on trauma-informed care, visit the Trauma-Informed Oregon website .Click the link below to learn more: